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Natural Hair Color

Herbatint® 義大利天然染髮劑 成份為天然的染髮劑,不含阿摩尼亞,含胡桃、大黃、金雞納樹皮之萃取物,可給予頭髮深層保護,染髮後呈現自然光澤。相較於市面上的一般性化學染髮劑而言,它對頭髮及頭皮的傷害少多了。 使用後也沒有一般染髮劑的異味,反而有一股香味。 如果要覆蓋80%以下的灰髮,或要加深髮色, Herbatint 的效果是很好的; 但如果要將髮色要由深染淺,須選擇色調相近原髮色的染劑,因其不含阿摩尼亞成分,漂白效果相對較差,對於將深色色調染淺無法達到非常明顯的效果 (例如:由黑髮染金髮)。另外,使用Herbatint染髮時還是需注意儘量不要貼近頭皮,以防過度刺激頭皮。如果有過敏性體質的人請於染髮前1~2天將染髮劑塗在手背上觀察做皮膚測試 .


Natural Herb Base


HERBATINT? has been formulated using the minimum pharmaceutical chemical ingredients which, balanced with vegetal extracts from plants and herbs creates a unique hair colour formula that not only gently colours your hair but protects and nourishes it.

No Ammonia

Specially formulated from herb extracts and proteins, HERBATINT? uses rosemary, cinchona and walnut husk, to gently deposit colour, achieving a natural, vibrant result for your hair

1N - BlacK 黑色 2N - Brown 棕色 3N - Dark Chestnut 暗栗色 4N - Chestnut 栗色 5N - Light Chestnut 淺栗色 6N - Dark Golden Blonde 暗金黃色
Black Brown Dark Chestnut Chestnut Light Chestnut Dark Blonde
7N - Blonde 金色 8N - Light Blonde 淺金色 9N - Honey Blonde 蜂蜜金色 10N - Platinum Blonde 白金淡黃色 4D -Golden Chestnut 金栗色 5D - Light Golden Chestnut 淺金栗色
Blonde Light Blonde Honey Blonde Platinum Blonde Golden Chestnut Light Golden Chestnut
6D - Dark Golden Blonde 暗金黃色 7D - Golden Blonde 金黃色 8D - Light Golden Blonde 淺金黃色 4M - Mahogany Chestnut 楓紅栗色 5M - Light Mahogany Chestnut 淺楓紅栗色 7M - Mahogany Blonde 金楓紅色
Dark Golden Blonde Golden Blonde Light Golden Blonde Mahogany Chestnut Light Mahogany Chestnut Mahogany Blonde
4R - Copper Chestnut 銅栗色 5R - Light Copper Chestnut 淺銅栗色 7R - Copper Blonde 銅金色 8R - Light Copper Blonde 淺銅金色 4C - Ash Chestnut 灰栗色 5C - Light Ash Chestnut 淺灰栗色
Copper Chestnut Light Copper Chestnut Copper Blonde Light Copper Blonde Ash Chestnut Light Ash Chestnut
6C - Dark Ash Blonde 暗灰金色 7C -Ash Blonde灰金色 8C -Light Ash Blonde 淺灰金色 10C -Swedish Blonde 淺亮金色 9DR - Copperish Gold 金銅色 10DR -Light Copperish Gold 淺金銅色
Dark Ash Blonde Ash Blonde Light Ash Blonde Swedish Blonde Roman Sunset Light Roman Sunset
New Arrival

New Herbatint Flash Hair Color New Herbatint Flash Hair Color

Natural Hair Color

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See  Non-Toxic Hair Color Facts
by Karen M. Shelton, Lamas Beauty Magazine Contributor

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